Dr. Pawan Rawal’s bright smiling face immediately sends a welcoming message to the patient that arouses a sense of confidence.
His professional approach to careful examination of the patient and the documents for diagnosis is praiseworthy. For better treatment, he discusses with team members and other consultants and may refer to a specialist even outside his hospital. At least I observed it in my case and in the case of my wife.. And I benefited a lot from his advice. So I referred him to my colleagues and others.

Testimonial from Abdur Rab
Testimonial by Abdur Rab

Dr Pawan Rawal is a good doctor in Gurgaon . His diagnosis is a very good . He give proper time and attention to me as patient . I met him for my treatment of chronic gastritis problem including IBS . Now I am well and thanks to Dr. Pawan Rawal, who have treated me well and given best treatment .

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Testimonial by Saurabh Gupta

Hi, My experience with Dr. Pawan rawal was superb. He has proficiency in clinical Gastroenterology . I am highly recommend Dr. Pawan, for Stomach, Intestine, Liver and Pancreatic diseases, if anyone is searching Gastroenterologist doctor in India. Thanks for give me best treatment.

Testimonial by Rajeev
Testimonial by Rajiv Arya